Getting started with Handshake

Last updated: Nov 1st, 2023

One of the first things to do after enabling a Handshake resolver, is to register a Handshake name.

There are a couple different ways to get a Handshake name.

You can buy one on the secondary market such as the Namebase marketplace or from other users such as showcased in the domain portfolio category.

Though, buying from someone else is only possible if the name has already been minted. If your name has yet to be registered, you can start the process yourself with Bob Wallet or Namebase.

Before you can mint a name however, you will have to purchase $HNS from an exchange. CoinMarketCap keeps track of which exchanges currently offer HNS.

The auction process

I have a name, now what to do

Now that you have a name, you can host a website on it by following our "How to host a website" guide. You can also sell Second Level Domains or use it for signing into different apps such as HNSChat.

There are many different use cases and endless possibilities.

Looks like Handshake is not configured in your browser.
Enable it using:


Menubar app, by Impervious


DNS resolver, by Namebase

Bob Extension

Bob Wallet Chrome Extension


iOS app, by Eskimo Software

Once enabled, visit https://dir.ectory/