How to host a website on Handshake?

Last updated: Nov 1st, 2023

Hosting a website on Handshake is just like hosting any other website. The process goes something like:

  • Register a domain name
  • Create a server and upload your website files
  • Direct traffic from your domain to your website
  • Secure the domain traffic

There are many tools you can use to create and host your site using your Handshake name.

Depending on how complex your website is, your security model, and other factors, will help you decide what hosting solution is right for you. Some options include:

If your a bit more technical, you can follow the great tutorial on the Handshake Tools Blog. It goes into detail about each of the steps above and gives you control over the whole process.

Namebase has a guide on how to Create Handshake Websites and The Shake also offers a list of Web Hosts.

Looks like Handshake is not configured in your browser.
Enable it using:


Menubar app, by Impervious


DNS resolver, by Namebase

Bob Extension

Bob Wallet Chrome Extension


iOS app, by Eskimo Software

Once enabled, visit https://dir.ectory/